Experts in legal process

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Need for experts
The judiciary, but also the legal profession and parties seeking justice are starting to call upon forensic expertise on an increasing basis. This trend is a result of the increasing complexity of the subject matter involved in cases, and the major financial interests at stake for the parties concerned. Therefore the need for investigations by expert experts is rising dramatically. The experts registered with the LRGD know the procedures as well as what is expected of them as experts.

Looking for a judicial expert?
It can be difficult to know beforehand who may act as an expert in a certain case, and this makes the search difficult. Who is an expert in the requested field? And are they also able to conduct an investigation and report on the results in the appropriate manner?

Register of experts in the legal process
Since it was founded in 2007, the Stichting Landelijk Register van Gerechtelijke Deskundigen (LRGD; foundation of the national register of judicial experts) has managed the register for experts who are capable of carrying out investigations and reporting on the results within the context of criminal, civil and administrative law proceedings. The register includes experts proficient in a range of disciplines: from (forensic) accountancy to engineering, from business valuation to toxicology, and from information technology to the environment.