General Board

The General Board of the LRGD is composed of:

Dr. J. Vis MBA CMC RV (chairman)
Jan Vis is a sworn broker/business valuator and legal expert. He is managing director of Talanton Corporate Finance and teacher Business Valuation (RSM Erasmus University).
Mr. Ing. Nico M. Keijser (secretary)
Nico Keijser is an independant established consultant. He is registered as Legal Expert and allied to the SGOA as IT-expert. 
Dr. mr. P. Vos (treasurer)
Peter Vos is universitary teacher business economics and forensic accountancy at the Leiden University, origanaly working in banking. 
He is curriculum director of the post academic course Gerechtelijk Deskundige (Legal Expert) at Leiden University.

You can send the board an e-mail at   bestuur @