Acknowledged Education for Admission

The LRGD accredits education and training that meets specific judicial conditions. In addition to technical expertise in the relevant field the expert should be acquainted with the principles of law proceedings, the assignment of duties, judicial jargon and the habit of thought in jurisprudence. This can be in criminal, civil or administrative law.

After completing this educational programme the expert is able to act competantly in the administration of justice, and present their findings based on this knowledge. The expert should complete this training by handing in and defending an expert-report.

Accredited Education

  • Post-Academic Education University Leiden, Specialisatieopleiding Gerechtelijk Deskundige
  • Stichting Forensische Mediation (SFM), Specialisatieopleiding FORENSISCHE MEDIATION
  • Leyden School of Law & Economics, Postgraduate Education Forensic Economics
  • Leyden School of Law & Economics, Specialisatieopleiding Gerechtelijk Deskundige Seniortraject
  • Post-Academic Education Maastricht University, Specialisatieopleiding Deskundige in Strafzaken
  • Basiscursus Nederlandse Vereniging voor Medisch Specialistische Rapportage NVMSR

Accredited Education specialization Expropriation/Valuator (Onteigeningsdeskundige/Taxateur)
The following education is accredited to be registered in this field:

  • Centre for Professional Legal Education, Radboud University Nijmegen,
    Leergang Onteigeningsrecht
  • NCOI Techniek, Grondverwerving & Schadevergoedingen