Regulations and Resolutions

Independent nature of the register
The Stichting LRGD is a private initiative and is fully financed by the registration fees and annual contributions from the registered experts. This independent position provides an extra guarantee for the quality of LRGD registration, both for the registered expert as well as clients.

Undermentioned regulations and resolutions show the independent nature of the LRGD.  

  • Admission and Registration (Admission Regulation; Resolution on LRGD Registration Conditions; Resolution on registration expense, annual contribution, fee for re-registration; Re-registration Regulation; Model Declaration Professional Practice)
  • Permanent Education (Regulation on Permanent Education; Resolution fees for individual demand accreditation PE; Regulationt PE-Committee)
  • Disciplinary Regulations (Resolution on the Code of Conduct; Code of Conduct of Civil and Administrativ Law; Code of Conduct of Criminal Law)
  • Disciplinary Law (Regulations on Disciplinary Law; Resolution on expenses Disciplinary Law)
  • General (Appeal Regulation; Admission Committee Regulation; Supervisory Board Regulation; Articles of Association; Resolution on fees and compensations; Resolution on Foreign Professional Organizations; Application form PE Sections)

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